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Indian/Native American Tac for Harry and MilHorse1

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  • Indian/Native American Tac for Harry and MilHorse1

    Looking for a realistic American Indian/Native American Horse tac for the MilHorse 1and/or Harry.
    Any leads to such tac and including hobble ropes, blankets and simple plains saddles and reins/bridals would be appreciated.

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    Someone on another forum was lauding Harry, but lamenting the lack of tack. That'd be a good project for someone to tackle. There's interest. :-)
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      i got him primarily for sharky's lovely kirin set morph but my investment in the Milhorse 1 is too high and don't really want to incur more expenses unless the new product can prove something great or worth changing...well.....horses mid-stream.
      with a background in marketing and advertising I could never understand why something as good as Harry is released without some add-on stuff in the gate released at the same time. Granted some stuff is coming out all the time but you need support product as well, like a complete tac line, and accessories, breeds and textures as well as some unusual morphs, like the Quaga, or Zorse or Mongolian/early Indian plains pony which was smaller than the later European/western horse.

      The idea that there are so many breeds of the animal and that it comes from so many different parts of the world, with unique breeds i am still learning about, with just as many styles of tac and accessories from the basest/simplest and most aboriginal to more intricate and ceremonial and exotic throughout history for them, should keep a lot of horse enthusiasts real busy for a real long time. but that doesn't seem to be the case. A few really great product providers in the community and are kept real busy but there is only so much time busy people can afford to spend on just one niche market product. Unfortunately there are more hungry consumers of poser product than there is talent to create and the void is growing.

      I would love some real good accessories and i would love to get some exotic gear for that beautiful Kirin. I know it is a fantasy forest creature and all but that doesn't mean some really unusual accessories can't be designed for it. Think Fantasy. Think Elf and Fae. Think Exotic. Of course it is easy for a Poser dud like me to THINK stuff up and a totally different matter creating it. But then if i could create Poser Content I wouldn't spend so much time trawling the forums begging for stuff and shopping in the stores and paying money for stuff that is often just sorta what i had in mind. I would make my own stuff and be happy as a Poser Piggie in a Midden Heap!


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        Paul is working on rigging the Western tack set. It is very beautiful with lots of detailing in the modeling and the gorgeous maps that CWRW has done. But for now we don't have additional plans for Native American tack, so I'm hoping some other highly skilled folks can get you what you're looking for.


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          Ohhhh, this is good news Chris. I've been looking forward to the Western tack.
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            Yea, the Western tack will be awesome. Be nice to have some Native American tack too ...

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              Trust me the western saddle is GORGEOUS!! All the tool work and designs that CWRW has done on the textures are just fabulous!

              If you were to actually buy one like that it would be upwards of $1,500.

              However, to be fair some Native American tack would be a nice addition. I could see possibly some texture expansion sets to either the classical or western sets using the Native American style beads, feathers, and leathers, and possibly some 2D enhancements.

              Great references Wolfie!!

              On the fantasy side, some medieval armor, baroque elegant and unusual styles would be welcome even texture expansions for existing models, also some carousel styles using fabrics.


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                I still want to find someone to work with me to develop some. I tried doing my own a few years ago but I just don't have the talent for modeling or rigging. Sure happy to texture them tho!:) This is my old "War Pony Gear" set I was working on back in the Mil Horse days/2010. I AM planning a "Warpaint" set of textures for Harry- aiming for next year on that. Meanwhile Daio's older Mil Horse tack sets at Rendo are pretty easy to manually use with Harry from what I've heard. - see There are also some kewl texture add-ons for it by renapd there too.


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